Be Swallowed By The Darkness Patapon King and Meet your End!

Zitchu The Dark Star


Boss Type

Demon, Mage


High~Very High


Very High


Very High

Status Effect(s)

Despair, Drain, Blind




  • Meteor Rain, Orux's Wrath, Black Nova, Death Star:Zitchuchios

Other Boss(es) in Relation

  • Ormen Karmen, Queen Kharma, Reaper



The leader of the Three Black Wisemens and the main antagonist of Patapon 11: Dark Ones Risen. Created by the Chaos Egg in the Underwold, along with his brothers.

Patapon XI Dark Ones RisenEdit

he is one of the Three Wisemens who are the Cause of The Dark Plague. he Commands the Chaospon Army by his Command. He Kidnaps the Patapon Queen during the Final Episode and Battles Zero in a Death Match Between him at Ground Zero Peaks. He was Defeated By Zero in the End and serves the Downfall of the Dark Plague.

Zitchu's Sprite During the Final Battle

Appearance Edit

He resembles Black Hoshipon closely, however, Zitchu is a male and not associated with Akumapons. He is a Chaospon.His Second Form Ressembles Arch Pandara. 


Zitchu's Second Form In Dark Ones Risan

Personality Edit

Arch Pandara Re-Alter Edited Theme (Patapon 11 Zitchu Battle)03:15

Arch Pandara Re-Alter Edited Theme (Patapon 11 Zitchu Battle)

He is much more evil and diabolical than Black Hoshipon, as seen through his kidnapping of the Patapon Queen in Patapon 11 Seven Stars. Though his units weaken, he uses the Chaosgaeen to smash all opponents, including his own troops. His cruelty and determination to destroy the Patpons makes him Zero's arch rival as the cruelest villain in the entire Patapon series. His theme is similar to Arch Pandara's, although his version is unique to him. 

Battle StrategyEdit

He will attack first using His Meteor Rain. Depend using CHAKA CHAKA PATA PON.  When he will do Orux's Wrath you must quick to activate Pon Pata Pon Pata to Retreat back and Dodge or one your Patapons will get Eaten.

in His Second Form Transforming as the SOUL EATER When his Life is Haft The Theme Battle of All is a Metal Version of the Patapon 3 Main Title Theme making it the Final Battle it means he will charge Black Nova To Wipe your Patapon Army in Haft use DON DON CHAKA to Doge the Death Ray but be quick cause you got a time limit of 90 seconds before he Unleashed  his ultimate Attack known as Death Star:Zitchuchios that will summon a Black Catasthropic Death Star to hit you and you must not allow to activate it or Your Wiped out Instantly.

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