The sabara chariot rider, Zhyengyi


Zhyengyi is an Uberhero unlocked when Taterazay and Charibassa are at level 15. He is a Sabara chariot rider. Zhyengyi evolves at level 20 and 40.


Double-weaponed chariot riders, who destroy frontlines with swords while using spears to kill ranged foes. Vulnerable at a far away distance.


Melee Weapons

  • Swords and Blades from unlocking.
  • Greatblades at level 20.
  • Daggers and Shivs at lvl 30.

Ranged Weapons

  • Spears from unlocking.
  • Halbreds at level 20.
  • Throwing Axes at level 35.


  • Chariots and Helms from unlocking.

Class SkillsEdit

  • Fall to Knees: Triples stagger rate, while doubling stagger resist. Learn by staggering enemies.
  • Backstabber: When HP gets to 0, absorb 50% HP of all allies to come back to life, while leaving 50% HP to allies. Learn by restoring HP with Backstabber.
  • Everything Smasher: Adds Crush element to attacks. Also multiplies all damage dealt by 2. Learn by destroying structures.
  • Power of Heaven: When HP becomes 0, halves stamina of all enemies once. Learn by continiously dying.
  • Skill Set: Adds two set skill slots. Learn by using charge attacks.

Set SkillsEdit

Zhyengyi normally equips four set skills. At level 25, he can equip another set skill. Howewer, he has a class skill that makes him get two other set skill slots. This makes a total of seven set skills.

Crush MasterEdit

Affects Crush attacks:

Attack Power +100%. Shield braker +10%. Damage against everything x1.5.

Chariot ProtectionEdit

When equipped with a chariot, HP and Defence are doubled.

Servant of DarknessEdit

Adds Darkness element to attacks. Also gives 50% poison and burn rate.

Kick ThemEdit

Adds %200 Knockback rate.

Stab ThemEdit

All ranged attacks get piercing ability.

Peerless AngelEdit

Doubles the damage dealt by team when dead. Howewer, the effect is disabled when reborn.


PonPon: Attack with melee and ranged weapon.

PonChaka~PonPon: Triples damage dealt by entire team. Does same attack as Pon Pon song.

ChakaChaka: Halves damage taken by team by 50%.

PonChaka~ChakaChaka: Restores HP of allies a bit. Halves damage taken by team by 75%.

Uberhero ModeEdit

Evil SlayerEdit

Chariot throws up some golden rocks by spinning wheels rapidly. Deals extra damage to unholy foes, like undead or demons. Activated with Chaka Chaka song.


  • Destrobo and Zhyengyi share the same class skill, Everything Smasher.