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Great Kami, We shall protect Our People and Give me The Will To                                                            'Defeat Pure Evil. 




  • Unknown


  • All Weapons



Based on:


Zero/Zeropon Edit

Zeropon or Zero is The Reborn Form of The Patapon Hero and The Main Protagonist of Patapon 11: Dark Ones Risen, The Name Zero Given By The Great Kami means Unknown by that name and New Form He cannot Change Classes Only The Zeruu Class Remains inside Him.

Equipment Edit

  • All Weapons

Abillities and Attacks Edit

  • Chaka Pon Don Pata - This Attack is different by each weapon Zero uses
  • Chaka Pon Don Pata (Spear) - Strike the Spear into the Ground and Pierce Your Enemys
  • Chaka Pon Don Pata (Sword) - Slice The Ground In Haft and Damage all Enemys
  • Chaka Pon Don Pata (Bow) - Fire A Thousand Arrows into your Enemys
  • Chaka Pon Don Pata (Etc) - Random Destruction By The use of any weapons
  • Chaka Pon Don Pata (The Blades of Zeruudos) Slice all Enemys in one Blow

Special Moves Edit

  • Zero Void - Summons Portals To Banish Enemy Units'
Void of darkness animation by midday mew-d2za4sa

Patapondamonium Background Change Effect

  • Blade Tyrant - Slice Enemy's Into A Bloody Frenzy (Must Equip The Blades of Zeruudos)
  • Patapondamonium - Use the Power of Darkness to Rid of Enemys (Must Be Lv.30)
  •  PataPonDonChaka Burst - Transform Zero into the Zyphazza Class (Must be Lv.50) 
  •  Spear of Zeruudos - Pierce Enemys with Mighty spear of Zeruudos (Must be Lv,75 and Must Equip Spears to Activate) 

Personality Edit

Calm and The Silent type,As a king he is Honorable and He is Also   

Shy Zero with The Queen

Zero and The Patapon Queen Together Alone

  Playful when He and The Patapon Queen are Together Alone,He Got This Personality after Kami Gave Him This Form when he Splits his Soul with Hero   

and give him a new life because Kami can't Be Together with The Princess Because the Patapon Hero is Her True Beloved after Knowing Giving Hero A New Life Hero Stays in A Form of A Uberhero Permanently,But The Memories and a Youthful Personality makes him a Great Father for His Son The Patapon Prince.   


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