Wealth StealthEdit

Wealth Stealth (AKA Nomen Tatemen) is the first Hero of Vengeance seen first in Patapon 7: Ravenous, and is one of Sunset's former best friends in the Kamella Patapon series. Like Ravenous, he represents Greed. His mask was given by Ravenous.


  • Shields
  • Greatshields (But loses his weapon)
  • Swords
  • Blades
  • Lances

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON - Attacks with weapon/greatshield
  • CHAKA CHAKA - Defends with armor
  • PON CHAKA~PON PON - Charges like Guardira
  • PON CHAKA~CHAKA CHAKA - Activates Uberhero Mode

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero Mode: CamouflageEdit

Makes himself invisible, and 20% intangible from ranged attacks. Immune to all Physical Elemental Attacks.

Class SkillsEdit

Original Class SkillsEdit

  • Shinobi Spirit - Doubles speed
  • Defending Boost - Doubles defense
  • Saber Strength - Triples strength and defense during charged attack
  • Intangibility - Adds 20% more intangibility from range attacks.

Set SkillsEdit

  • Sword Attack 1 - Boosts sword by 25%, effect halved when used for other weapons.
  • Sword Attack 2 - Boosts sword by 50%, effect halved when used for other weapons.
  • Greatshield Power - Boosts greatshield's attack and defense by 30%.
  • Peerless Chameleon - Immunity from physical elemental attacks, but takes 500% from elemental damage.


  • Nomen is one of Sunset the Jamsch's former friends.
    • Stealth is one of the Heroes of Vengeance, who are formerly friends with the Jamsch, blinded by the Dark Hero of Greed.