Boss Type

Dimension Demon


Very High


Very High


High~Very High

Status Effect(s)





  • Space Junk,Twist Laser,Radioactive Laser,Ice Breath,Thunderbolts

Other Boss(es) in Relation

  • Ormen Karmen


Trontron is the leader of the [[Shoraitron Tribe|Shoraitrons]] and the ultimate boss you encounter in [[Patapon 6]]. He is encountered in many missions when you are almost in the Tronai kingdom. He looks like a UFO at first then transforms into a floating Shoraitron.


Space JunkEdit

Trontron summons a "trash bin" in his hand, shaking it then it releases junk that deals minor damage but with high stagger and knockback effect. Evade with DonDon, PonPata or defend with ChakaChaka. Or, take the damage and prevent stagger and knockback with DonChaka.

Twist LaserEdit

He summons a laser sword on his body, then spins it in a high speed. This has a high critical damage, so dodge with DonDon.

Radioactive LaserEdit

Trontron's eyes becomes crimson, and then 2 red laser beams come out from his eyes. This attack deals moderate to high damage. This attack can ignite your Patapons. DonDon is the only thing that can work, since PonPata does not.

Ice BreathEdit

Trontron blows an icy blue breath which freezes your Patapons. Dodge with PonPata.


Trontron summons 3 thunder bolts that looks like laser which staggers and ignites enemies. Defend with ChakaChaka or evade with PonPata.


  • He is like Ormen Karmen in Patapon 2.
  • Has The Same Patterns of Ormen Karmen in Battle
  • Has The Same Aura of Black Hoshipon

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