Toribassa comes from another world, inaccesible even through the Herogate



  • Helm
  • Javelin/Pike/Halberd
  • Bird
  • Shield
  • Shoulderguards

Set SkillsEdit

  • Bird Attack (50% more damage when using a bird. Effect is halved when used for other weapons.)
  • Team Aid (Triples support effects for the entire team)
  • Divine Aura (Increases chances of a critical by 3 times)
  • Peerles Bird(Damage dealt by a critical hit is Tripled)

Class SkillsEdit

  • Bird Dive (makes the bird attack in Chaka Chaka instaed of using Weapons.) Learned by defending many times.
  • Twisting Spear (makes thrown spears pierce, like Dokaknel's Fang, but applied to all other Weapons as well.) Leaned by using piercing weapons.
  • Multi Attack (hits the enemy as many times as possible with a single throw during Hero Mode, like Kibadda's Assault Hits). Learned by hitting enemies many times.
  • Fear (makes enemies run around like when they are burning, except, they aren't burning. Activated by using Uberhero Mode). Learned through using Uberhero Mode many times.

Uberhero ModeEdit


Throws Glowing spears while the bird shwoops down to attack.


  • This was created because I wanted Toripon to be back in the game, so I didn't make it overpowered.
  • Getting DonDon perfect will make him fly,not getting it perfect will make him go down a little. Getting hurt will make him fall completely. This is so that balance issues would be fixed.