The Darririchin.

"In the foggy areas, the spider wanders around finding prey. Defeat Darririchin to gain special weapon equipments!"

The Darririchin is a boss monster in Patapon: Negative Patapons .


Like his weaker cousin, Carantura , Darririchin reside as a smoke walking spider with red color this time and spikes and a slightly voice.


Darririchin has 4 abilities:

Smoke Fog: Perishes to smoke and surround the Patapons in thick, red mist. Only the rain juju can stop this!

Stinging Death: Darririchin uses his stinger and stabs a Patapon or two. Instanly killing them. Use DonDon ONLY!

Consume: Get a little closer to the ground and eats a Patapon. PonPata is needed!

Web Cocoon: Uses his tail and let out silk and wraps a Patapon. Evade PonPata, DonDon, or knockback with PonPon.


Foggy areas


-Carantura is his weaker cousin

-Don't play ChakaChaka too long! 16 Tatedons can attack you!

-Darririchin can talk slightly.

-Darririchin can grow multiply legs. So, that is why they call it 3 legged.

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