Ton, Chin, Kan and Hatapon venture inside the odd citadel from the lake.

Characters and EnemiesEdit


Ton, Chin, Kan and Hatapon explore the mysterious citadel that erupted from the purple lake. They would traverse 3 floors up. The 1st floor would have some rocks and debris which would be easy to destroy as they travel to the 2nd. Once there, they would encounter a masked figure as it threatens them before floating away into a void. On the final floor, they would encounter a large group of the masked Corrazen that seem to be cracking some sort of door at the near end of the floor. Once they hear the Patapon's drumming they would flee at once. The door would react to the Patapon's drumming which would open and lead them to the end of the stage. There, Sagapon would tell them everything and lead them out of the Citadel while opening gates to Earthend from the normal plain everywhere to allow Patapons, Zigatons and the Karmen to join them in this Battle.


Predecessor: Successor:  The Masked Corrazen None


  • This is the first mission for Patapon 4; The Dark Secrets
  • This mission is the only mission that Corrazen can be seen interacting with the terrain of the map
  • This mission also features a demonized version of The Talking Sign to guide the Patapons.


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