Akuma Patapons

Akuma Patapon

The ancient and direct descendants of the Patapons, they look almost nothing like the Patapons except for their circle body. They were also nearly wiped out by the Akumapons and the other demon tribes because of their rebellion to the Dark Lord.


At the time when only the ancient civilzations were starting to rise in power, a single Akumapon tribe accidentally broke free from the Dark Lord's control. They acted as if nothing was severed from their connection, but secretly they were slowly changing their form into what they look like now. They were just about to make contact with another mortal tribe, when Black Hoshipon found them out. Most of the Akuma Patas - which they were then called - managed to make contact with the mortal tribe which coincidentally was also a mythical tribe which came Heaven. The angelic tribe (which is now called the Sacratus Tribe) saw that they had no intention of mischief and chaos, so they saved them by opening a gate to another dimension (Earthend). This however was not enough to deter the Akumapons and Black Hoshipon. They desperately cried out to the Dark Lord, the Dark Lord was furious so he created the Corrazen Scourge and the Accursed Ones to guide them in their quest to anhillate the Akuma Patas. Before they managed to open the portal to Earthend, many of the Akuma Patas and Sacratus managed to escape Earthend and planted seeds of life everywhere on the normal plain. However the Sacratus decided it was not safe for the Akuma Patas and the future generation if they stayed on the normal plain. The Sacratus and the Akuma Patas before leaving, left 4 sacred drums that they both created and a single Flag which had the blessings of them to be able to protect and communicate with the future generation. The Sacratus chose a new god to aid the future generation in their possible battles. The Akuma Patas and the Sacratus then left a single prophecy about Earthend. Together, they stood their ground in Earthend and sealing themselves in thousands of capsules waiting to be awakened. To this day, they are still to be opened with the power of the 4 holy drums.


They look like a combination of the Akumapons and the Patapons due to their slited eyes and 4 horns protruding from their head in various patterns and their circle body.

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