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The Tenshidon tribe is a tribe that helps the Patapons. They often come to their aid. They are round and light turquoise in color. They somewhat look like angels. Tenshi (天使) means "angel" in Japanese. This tribe consists of :

  • Yaridons
  • Tatedons
  • Yumidons
  • Kibadons
  • Dekadons
  • Megadons
  • Mahodons
  • Toridons
  • Chariodons
  • Cannodons

High Rank TenshidonsEdit

  • Dudonggan - the 1st general of the Tenshidon Tribe. He is a Tatedon. He wields a Divine Sword and Divine Shield. He defends the other two Generals.

The 1st General, Dudonggan.

  • Dozgonnaut - the 2nd general of the Tenshidon Tribe. He is a Megadon. He wields a Divine Horn. He plays music at foes to deal damage to them.

The 2nd general, Dozgonnaut.

  • Rinrridon - the 3rd General and also the strongest General. He is a Yaridon. He wields a Divine Spear. He relies on Dudonggan to protect him so he can deal heavy damage.

Rinrridon, the 3rd general.

  • Emperor Werbbodonn - the emperor of the Tenshidons. He carries a scepter to command the Tenshidons. He wears a crown instead of a halo. He commands the Generals and the Tenshidons to help the Patapons when they are in need.
Emperor Werbbodon

Werbbodonn, the emperor of the Tenshidons.

  • Shinseina - the Uberhero of the tribe. He rides on hoverboards and wields spears. He leads the generals when going on missions together. When not in missions, he flies off to a faraway place.

Shineina, the Uberhero Tenshidon.

Elite TenshidonsEdit

  • Cerdovus - a Yumidon that helps the tribe. He is a Yumidon that wields a Divine Bow. He goes on missions together with Deimos.


  • Deimos - a Robodon that went with Cerdovus. He equips a Great Golem Arm and a Piringar Zingar. He goes on missions together with Cerdovus, being the one who protects him.


  • Edonos - a Grenburr Tenshidon that helps the tribe. Deimos and Cerdovus tried to get along with him, but Edonos just ignores and leaves them. He wields a Mono Hoshibo. He usually goes on missions alone.