Tenshi Towers

Tenshi Towers


Tenshi Towers


In the sky





A place high in the sky, preventing anything but Tenshidons from seeing it.
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Tenshi Towers is a place where Tenshidons live. It is covered by several clouds, preventing anything from seeing it. It is currently inhabited by Tenshidons. There are about 10,000 Tenshidons living in Tenshi Towers.

Special PlacesEdit

These places are marked with a star with different number of sides.

Pyuanesu's CageEdit

This is the place where the sacred dragon, Pyuanesu, is kept and taken care of.


Pyuanesu's Cage

Pyuanesu's Cage

Command CentralEdit

This is where the three generals gather upon being called to go on missions. This is also where Emperor Werbbodonn occasionally goes to greet the Tenshidons here.

Command Central

Command Central

Tenshi PalaceEdit

This is where Emperor Werbbodonn lives. This building has hundreds of Tenshidon guards protecting it from attacks of enemy tribes.

Tenshi Palace

Tenshi Palace

More coming soon...

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