One of the "Cursed Mask" Shadowhero classes which uses it's spellscythe both as a melee weapon (slashing it) and a ranged weapon (Magic and spells). A total master of darkness and magic, he uses his spellscythe to cast devasting curses and hexes while defending himself from melee attacks.


Easily the tallest Shadowhero and Archdemon hero, he is capable of inflicting poison and other status effects by the use of his spellscythe. He also utilizes taller boots than most Mahopons and Sagapons that allow him a longer range and spell-imbueded cloaks that boosts his spells and attacks


  • Spellscythes
  • High-Heeled Boots
  • Spellcloak
  • Demon Masks
  • Dark Helms

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON - Whips up a spell based on the spellscythe used. Also acts as a melee attack for closer foes
  • CHAKA CHAKA - Twirls the spellscythe to deflect incoming attacks and deal damage to closer foes (still damages him)
  • PON CHAKA~PON PONCasts 3 twisters which run straight into foes to deal the element based on the equipped spellscythe 
  • PON CHAKA~CHAKA CHAKA - Spins the spellscythe while causing curses that put the enemy to sleep and poisons while also reflecting some of the damage to the attacker/caster 

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero ModeEdit

Death's StormEdit

Activate with Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon

Combo with Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon

Conjures orbs of darkness that causes darkness while swinging his spellscythe all around to black and purple mist to form to poison foes and put them to sleep. Range of mist is affected by the wind ===Ultimate Hero Mode

Wrath Of PandaraEdit

Activate with using Pon-Pon-Chaka-Chaka 5x in a row then Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon

Combo with Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon (NOTE: Can stack only for a maximum of 5 times then returns to his normal Hero Mode)

Swings his spellscythe forward many times while causing multiple purple orbs of darkness to spring out of the spellscythe and causing multiple spines from underground towards the foes that causes poison and stagger and a red "eye" materializes and blasts miniture eyeballs towards the enemy

Class SkillsEdit

Original Class Skills

  • Maledictus Incantatores - All attacks has a chance of inflicting Hexs (Poison, sleep, Terror, etc)
  • Sanguine Antro - Adds the "Darkness" and "Corruption" element to all attacks
  • De Vita Et Curae Summis - After making a critical hit on a foe, has a 25% chance of siphoning 75% of health from an enemy unit, 25% on a mini-boss and 10% on a boss
  • Mors Sepulcro - After killing an enemy unit or making a boss stagger, there is a 15% chance of making a mist-emitting grave burst of the ground which damages and poisons all foes near it (Welcome Bonus: Produces Mist and Orbs faster in Hero Mode)

Set Skills

  • Peerless Demon - Increases spell and curse damage and maximum time limit while also increasing damage against "Masked" foes but increases vulnerability against "Holy" and "Ice" damage.

See Also Edit

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