A creepypasta showing creepy happenings with the Patapons.

Chapter 1: Now with 10% less Hero Edit

It was a normal day at my house, I was playing Patapon when I noticed one of my tatepons was not attacking. After two times of this, another one of my tatepons got fed up with this and yelled "WHAT DA HECK!?!? YOU GOTTA ATTACK!!!" My tatepon was looking depressed. Then he cried "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!!" Then, he killed himself with his ax. There was total silence. Then, I said, sarcastically, "Oh, the kids are gonna love this game." Seeing the whole thing, the Zigotons freaked out and ran away. Later, we held a funeral, then, all of a sudden, the tatepon's soul burst out and said " IM HAUNTING THIS GAME AND YOU CAN'T DO A THING ABOUT IT!!!!!" The next day, I noticed the color in the background was messed up. "This is a sign," I said " that the worst is yet to come, my dear Patapons." "I'm afraid so." replied Meden.

Chapter 2: The Wormhole Edit