Takako (タカコ, TAH-kah-koh) is a Wooyari. Like all Spear Classes, her weapons of choice are spears, pikes, and lances. She's the leader of the Patapons, after Java and Hinoki fused themselves.

Being the Mighty Patapon, they consider her as their tribe leader and addresses her very highly, and has an interest befriending every former Dark Hero and Uberhero.


"I hate being coveted, and stolen, like a treasure and a rare item, by a vicious raven!"

-Takako to Ragewolf when he alerted her about being coveted, making her run berserk on Ravenous.

Takako is a freedom loving Patapon, and is moderate to amuse and acts quite stubborn to the ones she likes. Her sincerity brings too much when not active, but can defend her as well. When alarmed that Ravenous is coming for her, she runs aggressive and stabs wildly with a long pike.

Since she's the rare Mighty Patapon, Ravenous considers her as a vessel and a rare item, and wants her for his powers. Sonarchy and Chin think it's stupid covetting a leader for something not valuable and always stops him in his plans. She represents the virtue Temperance, and defends others from danger as well.

In the fifth sequel and Patapon 7: Ravenous, she rages at his negative energy, similar with Gaia. She has a dislike with Yarida, as he takes her place for himself only to rule over the Patapons. It revealed both he and the Dark Hero of Greed joined forces to defeat Takako and her friends. As revealed in the fifth sequel of Kamella Patapon, she has her Archfiend counterpart known as Hyumitto, the Archfiend of Restraint, however, she defeated her.

She acts sincere and depressed towards the Golden Mask, hinting he may resemble Defeat, or if any chance, Ravenous. Despite her aggressiveness towards enemies, along with her sincerity and kindness, she is willing to sacrifice for the good of others; as seen when she wanted to save the world from evil.


  • Takako considers Chin and Sonarchy as perfect partners, while Sora and Sunset are horn talkers.
  • Takako's sincerity is what makes her aggressive.
  • Takako wants to befriend all the heroes, dark and uber, and she goes out to find them.
  • She has an interest of speaking the Pataponic language.
    • However, she can speak other languages aside from this.
  • Takako is the Patapon possessed by Hyumitto, but only when poison get inside her.
  • She is formerly one of the characters who are hiding their real selves and only exposing their persona. The first was Purity, her persona as Pandora, the second Justi, his persona as Sora, the fourth Yarida, his persona as Feisu, and the sixth Forudo, her persona as Echidna. Its still unknown who will be Valo, the Archfiend of Valor, and Libera, the Archfiend of Tolerance.
    • Hyumitto is the only Archfiend defeated aside from being purged like the others.

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