Superweapon Kano

Superweapon Kano






Knockback, Stagger

Signature Move

Death Grind

Superweapon Kano is a DLC Boss in Patapon: Dawn of Darkness. It is made out of dark magic and Kanogias' cannon. Even though it is very powerful, it only has three attacks.


Cannon BlastEdit

Kano shoots 2 cannonballs from it's cannons. It causes a high rate of stagger and knockback. Avoid it with PON PATA PON PATA or DON DON CHAKA CHAKA.

Death GrindEdit

Kano goes near your team and releases a hidden saw. It is fatal, so it must be dodges at all costs. Avoid it with PON PATA PON PATA or DON DON CHAKA CHAKA.

Laser BlastEdit

Kano shoots lasers out of its cannons, which cause stagger, knockback, and ignite. Pon Pata will not work, since it has a very far range. It can only be avoided with Don Don Chaka Chaka.

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