Superweapon Ignis

Superweapon Ignis





Signature Moves

Gamma Blast, Death from Below



The Superweapon Ignis is a half-boss in Patapon: Dawn of Darkness that appears in the Tower of Tyranny. In looks, it is similar to Org and Dahl, but in power, it is much more powerful.


Cannon ShotEdit

Ignis shoots out cannon, which deal moderate damage, with a fair chance of ignite. Avoid with PonPataPonPata or DonDonChakaChaka.

Underground Pound Edit

Ignis shoots out a large homing bomb underground and explodes at the Patapons. This can deal high-fatal damage, with a large chance of ignite, so this must be avoided. It can only be avoided with PonPataPonPata.

Gamma BlastEdit

Ignis sends a guidance beacon similar to Dahl, and releases a huge gamma wave, which deals fatal damage and a huge chance of ignite. Avoid with PonPataPonPata.

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