212px-SuperWeapon Org

1st from of death.

Super weapon DeathEdit

Hacked dark hero

Superweapon Death

This super weapon used in patapon dawn of darkness and used by jak after the patapons killed archking.


The super weapon is ice, fire, and poison.

212px-Guidance Beacon

Guidance BeaconEdit

Death launches a tripod-like stucture. This does massive damage, though it can be evaded with Pon Pata if timed right.

Homing missilesEdit

Jak fires a barrage of missiles this can cause knockback. This attack can be evaded with the Pon Pata or Don Don songs.

Poison gunEdit

Jak fires hounrds of little bbs with cause a lot of damage. This can cause poison, sleep, and ice.This can be evaded with Pon Pata Pon Pata or Don Don Chaka Chaka.

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