Shoraitron TribeEdit

The Shoraitron Tribe is one of the main antagonists of Patapon 6.

Dekatron, Yaritron, Megatron



They are blue robots with spikes on the top. They were once space debris or junk, but they are found and revived by Black Hoshipon. Their leader is Trontron, the only robot (in the Patapon World) which has emotions and a soul, assisted by 3 powerful Shoraitron Generals, Notron, Kitron and Huktron.


Leader: Trontron

Notron the Shieldbearer

Kitron the Spearbearer

Huktron the Staffbearer


  • Yaritron
  • Tatetron
  • Yumitron
  • Kibatron
  • Dekatron
  • Megatron
  • Hoirutron
  • Robotron
  • Mahotron
  • Hoshutron

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