SabreFang TigerClaw

TigerClaw in Chrono Riggers and Holymadda Claws

SabreFang TigerClaw is the Light Hero of the Wild-pons, she can only obtainable from the start of the game


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Kitty found Myamsar Mask and the Deity Natura

Kitty was once a Princess of the SabreFang Clan, transformed in to TigerClaw when she found the Ancient Mask Myamsar guarded by the Liger deity Natura but when she saw the death of her father and the erradication of the SabreFang Clan in the hands of DethTusk Warhog and his Horde, she use the power of her father's mask to restore the balance of the Wild-pon Kingdoms

Her personality was curious and playful, her personality gets mature as she level up or progressed thruogh the story

Attack/Defence StylesEdit

Her attack and Defensive styles are similar to Patapon 3's Uberhero Myamsar except for her Hero Mode Attack

  • Tiger Pounce (Activation: ChakaChaka, Combo: PonPon)
When Activated, She stay still while she seeks her target (which is any non-boss frontline enemy) then she runs and attacks inflicting poison and stagger at the enemy (including non-bosses and deities) 


Sabrefang's Fang

The ultimate weapon SabreFang's Fang (covered and uncovered)

TigerClaw uses Claws from the start then she uses twinblades when she reach level 25 and Sabres (Long Claws) when she reach level 50

Only Helms and Shoulderpads as her starting defencive equipment, she can ride Beasts in level 25 and Drakes in level 50

Class SkillsEdit

  • Natural Stance
Increases Attack by 50% when using Claws
  • Myam Stance
Increases Attack by 50% when using Blades
  • Fang Stance
Increases Attack by 50% when using Sabres
  • Heart of the Tamer
Attack Speed and Movement Speed Increases by 50% when riding Beasts and Drakes
  • Bloodlust
Increasing Poison Damage during Attack and Defence, obtained by attacking

Set Skills

  • Status Resist
​Resistance to all Status by Half
  • Defence Boost
Increases Defence against Physical Attacks by Half
  • Stagger Boost
Increases Stagger by 50% when using Claws, Blades and Sabres
  • Riding Raider
Increases Movement Speed by 50% when riding on Horses, Beasts, Chariots, Aircrafts, Birds and Drakes
  • Peerless Tiger
The time required to revive is 10 seconds no matter how many times she died, Multiplayer Dungeons and Towers nullify this effect


  • She was based on Myamsar and MadFang RageWolf</li>
  • The Ultimate Weapon SabreFang's Fang is based on their Deity Natura</li>
  • She is one of few Female Wild-pons on the game
  • She is also the youngest and the smallest based on height</li> </li>
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