"Once upon a time, the rage and jealousy of a healer turned the corners of the jungle in ice and status effects. Her mask has white crystals, and she spent her entire life in the jungle, alone after running away ".
  — Area Description 

Insatiable Razortooth, the fourth Hero is encountered here.

The Rocky Jungle of Tuschi consists of parts (like most locations). These parts are Shokubutsu Swamp (closest to the Great Blizzard Castle) and Jishin Oasis (closest to the Colossus Stronghold).


  • Insatiable Razortooth and Buzzcrave of the Swamp (Once)
  • Greedy Ujis on Shokubutsu Swamp (Free)
  • Mochichichi's Reversal (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Insatiable Razortooth and Matango (Once)
  • Earthquake Phenomenon (Once)
  • Lord of the Earth, Tsuchishizeno (Free)
  • Shookle, the Carnivous (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Insatiable Shooshookle (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • The Zigoton's Apology (Once)
  • Bonedeth Attacks on Jishin Oasis (Free)
  • The Undefeatable Majidonga (Boss Battle/Rare)

DLC MissionsEdit

  • (Rare/Free) Piekron's Blight Insights

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