Poseyepon edit

A Poseyepon unit

Poseyepon is an elite Patapon unit, made up of four regular sized patapons with tridents and nets.

PON PON: Poseyepon throws a trident.

PON CHAKA: Poseyepon charges with the trident.

"CHAKKA CHAKKA": Poseyepon throws a net, capturing an enemy until the timer runs out. How long the enemy is trapped, and the damage of the net, depends on the net itself.

Uberhero ModeEdit

In Uberhero mode, the poseyepon hero will shoot huge waves out of his trident. This deals damage proportional to the level of the trident to almost every enemy on screen, save perhaps the highest bird-riders. Also, any enemy trapped in a net will remain there for three times as long.

Ultimate Uberhero ModeEdit

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