Yarida Lv15,Piekron Lv15,Charibasa Lv15

Poseipon is an elite Uberhero. He uses spears to erase away the enemies. He can also use halberds if he is high-leveled enough. He is expert in freezing enemies.

Uberhero ModeEdit

Ocean Swing
Pon Pon Poseipon!


(Tsunami appears behind and smash the enemies!)

Activate by Pon Pon song.Combo can be done.


  • Pon Pon = Throwing spears or hero mode.
  • Chaka Chaka = Defend using spears.
  • Pon Chaka, Pon Pon = Water blows out of the ground!

Class SkillsEdit

Repel Power

Knockback x1.5.

Thunder God

Ignite chance increase 25%.


Critical x2.

Set SkillsEdit


Chance to freeze the enemies are doubled.

Flexibility 1

Attack speed x0.5.

Stamina Maniac

Stamina boost x2.5!

Flexibility 2

Movement speed chance with attack speed.Learned at lv 25.

Peerless Ocean

Ignite chance 100%,stagger x3,freeze x2.5! Can only be learned by Uberhero at Lv 32.


  • Poseipon takes his name by Poseidon, the king of the sea wielding his precious Trident.
  • Poseipon is also the name of a Spear, which is not present in the EU version of the game.
  • Poseipon's weapon appears to be alike with Poseipon's Trident in Patapon 3.
  • He has the most freeze rate out of all the Uberheroes, even though he doesn't have much freeze Set Skills.

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