neste jogo você deve controlar os patapons pelos continentes lutandos com as tropas de outros jogadores nesse incrível jogo social

{Translated from Portuguese}

{In this game, one must control the Patapons through fighting continents, and pit against the troops of other players in this incredible social game.}


é identico ao dois,só que você pode traçar rotas e levar e deixar grupod de patapons e construir coisas,minerar,cortar arvores e etc,além disso você que cria e customiza a sua tribo.

{The gameplay is identical to Patapon 2, the difference being that you can now trace routes, lead and leave a group of Patapons at will, build things, mine things, cut trees, and other similar actions. This is in addition to your own personal customization of your tribe.}

Unidades {Units}Edit

  • yaripons
  • tatepons
  • yumipons
  • kibapons
  • dekapons
  • megapons
  • toripons
  • robopons
  • mahopons
  • chariotpons
  • swordpons
  • cannopons

Unique Units Edit

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