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Storyline Edit

After Patapon 3 Hatapon,Ton,Chin and Kan was in Earthrend but 1 year after Their old enemies Zigotons,Karmens,Akumapons, and Bonedeths attacked them Hatapon And the Patapon trifecta Was forced to leave but Hero was dead already before, so Hatapon stands up and wears the Shubabassa mask to fuse with Hero and Kami.So that means everything with the Zigotons and karmens helping the patapons before was all part off their plan!. The Patapons retreated in the old abandoned Zigoton Palace. But when they retreated one of the Patapon Trifecta Members died (if you choose chin as your teammate Ton and Kan are the ones who died and vice versa)But they can be revived when meeting Gold Hoshipon on both sagas.

Gameplay Edit

There are three sagas first is Zigoton saga next will be Karmen/Akumapon saga then last Bonedeth saga. The ending will be based on what Uberhero you choose Ex. you choose Yarida you get the correct ending, if you choose Charibasa you get the right ending but Silver Hoshipon did not record your memory.(Note if you choose Grenburr,Cannogabang or Charibasa Silver Hoshipon won't record you're memory He will recor d you're memory when you are choosing a basic uberhero).The game play is like a RPG game but it is still like the previous games.

Goods Edit

  • There are no Digital Downloads on maps.
  • All enemies and boss can be in the previous games can fought.
  • There are 6 endings!

Bads Edit

  • It has bad art.
    Patapon world

    Selecting Your Uberhero

Special Edit

It has special characters based on people on patapedia.