Patapon Queen ~ Happy

Patapon Princess is now Known as The Patapon Queen

May Earthend guide you home soundly, Zeropon. Your heart and Kami's spirit will be our guiding hope.

Patapon Queen Edit

Formerly the Patapon Princess, she ascends to the throne in Patapon 11 and oversees the entire Patapon Kingdom alongside Zero, who has also ascended into royalty.

Appearance Edit

Morphologically, she remains the same as before she took the throne. There are no major differences in her dress, either.

Personality Edit

I like your sense of humor, Zero. Teeheehee~ Would you consider having some fun at the racing alley with me when we get time together?

-Patapon Queen to Zero The Patapon Queen is lively and caring. She enjoys teasing people lightly and is an engaging conversationalist. She has retained the ability to transform into her Dark Hero form, but has since vowed to use her powers to further the cause of her own country and to fight alongside Zero. She is greatly admired and respected by her subjects, who will joyfully proclaim that she is their rightful Patapon queen.

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