The adventures of Pana Scully and Nox Tulder, with the FBP investigating the Patapon Files
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Patapon Files

Patapon Files dvd box


Patapon Files or The Patapon Files

Age recomandation

13 or 14 years old


Patamid and Japon Stupions


21th xoF century


Mystery and Suspense, Paranormal, Investigations

Patapon Files is a TV show showing two patapons, Pana Spully and Nox Tulder, resolving mysteries of paranormal situations.


Pana Spully and Nox Tulder are two patapons who work for the FBP (Federal Bureau of Patanization), investigating the Patapon Files.

Pana SpullyEdit

Pana Spully

Pana Spully

Pana Spully is a female patapon. She's a forensic doctor. She says that every paranormal situation can have a scientific explanation.

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