This page contains the rules/policies of Patapon Fanopedia. A user who does not follow these will be blocked immediately.

For new usersEdit

  1. Keep all pages clean, make them easier to read.
  2. Always undo a vandal's edit, and also, do not be like them.
  3. Do not use copyright text or images without permission or a license.
  4. All edits are public, to test your edits, see Patapon Fanopedia's Sandbox.
  5. No abusing edits, it is also considered as a spam.
  6. No cyberbullying, just be nice to each other.
  7. Always read Patapon Fanopedia's new messages and notices.
  8. Rename/Move misspelled pages too keep the wiki clean.
  9. Contact admin when problems on the wiki can't be solve.
  10. Do not spam unrelated links.
  11. For anonymous users, please log in or create an account.
  12. Spelling and grammars should be always correct. If you are weak at these, please improve it. And also, do not use other languages, always English.
  13. For unnecessary pages, add the delete template to them.
  14. Do not bring information from Patapon Wiki here. You may only create a page with the same page name.

For adminsEdit

  1. Do not protect unnecessary pages unless if they are highly vandalized or if there is an edit war.
  2. Maintain the integrity of Patapon Fanopedia's logo, favicon, and copyright pages.
  3. Unprotect temporarily protect pages.
  4. User pages should not be protected unless if it is vandalized while user talk pages shall never be protected.
  5. Do not abuse of using admin powers.
  6. Delete unnecessary pages.

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