Patapon 9, also known as Patapon 9: Hope is the ninth Patapon game.
Patapon 9 box

boxart of Patapon 9


This game is about the resurrection of the Mighty One, the Uberhero and of Silver Hoshipon who fused together creating the Hoshihero and try to save the world that is now in pure and absolute darkness. All the foes of the previous games are here to stop the Patapons.


"After a great apocalypse, the universe is pure darkness, there's no hope anymore... All around me is becoming darker and darker... Is this really the end?... No! NO! I can even see the light! Gray, red, blue, green, yellow lights! The 4 four drums! They give us energy! But what about the grey?! Silver Hoshipon!!! We have to save to world from darkness fusing me, the Uberhero and Silver Hoshipon!

It's time to save the world and destroy all darkness!"

Missions and placesEdit

  • Prologue
  • Planet of the Tons
    • Gong's Memories (Gong)
    • Revenge (Makoton)
    • Prince of Nature (Gaeen)
    • Club of Fury (Beetleton)
    • Master Babababaan
    • Lord of Nature (Dogaeen)
    • Queen's revenge (Kharma)
  • The Meteor
    • Three Karmens (Hukmen, Nomen and Kimen)
    • Canogias War, Machine (Canogias)
    • Mighty Zuzugagang
    • Ormen Karmen's Pet (Ganodias)
    • Karmen Emperor (Ormen Karmen)
  • Underworld
    • Black Hoshipon...Again! (Black Hoshipon)
    • The Demon Army of 1000
    • Hammer of Fury (Kuwagattan)
    • New Revenge (Dark One)
    • New Master Bababagaan
    • Underworld Mask (Dettankarmen)
    • Underworld Fiend (Goruru)
  • Electric World
    • Ibenosu Fiend (Garuru)
    • Plamesu Monster of Svanki Canyon (Zuttankarmen)
    • Kibadu Essential Beast (Kachinkarmen)
  • Water World
    • Lost Intersection of Two Lives (Shookle and Dettankarmen)
    • TBA
    • Coming Soon...

New FeaturesEdit

  • Waiting for more...