Patapon 11

Patapon 11 Title Screen

Patapon 11 Edit

Patapon 11 is the eleventh game in the Patapon series, following Patapon 10 or Patapon X. It tells the story of what unfolds when the great Kami created a new kind of hero when they unfused themselves from Hero for Hero to rise as the Patapon King.

Storyline Edit

Patapon 11 is longer and more exciting than its predecessors. It has a longer gameplay due to that once one story is finished in one game file, the next one can be played through creating a new game.

List of 5 Patapon 11 Storylines to Follow and Finish Edit

Patapon 11: Dark Ones Risen

Patapon 11: Royale del Ranbo

Patapon 11: Seven Stars

Patapon 11: Mirrors of Death

Patapon 11: Dark star Rampage

Gameplay Edit

In Patapon 11, five games are rolled into one title. The old army is back again, but this time you will be able to lead more troops; the number of enemies that can be faced in a stage will range from 10,000 to 50,000+, depending on the difficulty settings. Even in a regular game setting, you can now have up to two Uberhero partners to aid the main character, known as Zero, in Battle.

While you can adjust the number of enemies in a stage using the difficulty settings, the quantity of your troops will also decrease proportionally: at normal settings, your army will remain at six units, and you will fight alongside only one other Uberhero. Hard mode can only be unlocked once the storyline, "Dark Ones Risen", has been finished.

There are notable differences in Hard mode. One is that Zero is your singular unit and comprises your whole army in battle. Zero must already be at an advanced level when using this mode. At first glance, this setting may look easy due to the halved HP's of enemy units, but still Zero will be fighting alone against enemy troops that number 100,000 or more in each mission under a time limit. It is recommended to practice using easy mode first before engaging in this difficulty.

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