Oceanara is a new Uberhero in Patapon 3:ULTIMATE Edition. He is an Uberhero with his mask taking the form of a shark.


A ferocious warrior of the depths leaving no enemy alive. He brings unexpected devestation upon enemies.

Oceanara is unlocked when you level up your Myamsar and Destrobo to level 12.


Oceanara can equip:

  • Blades from unlocking.
  • Shivs at level 14.
  • Claws at level 17.

Uberhero ModeEdit

There are 2 kinds of Uberhero modes for Oceanara.

Blade - Tsunami Wave

Activate with PonChaka~PonPon. Combo with PonPon. Combo charge with PonChaka.

Oceanara digs his weapon in the ground, and when he attacks, he streams out a large water wave from the ground. Wave height and damage based on the number of charges.

Shiv & Claw - Raging Waters

Activate and combo with PonPon.

Oceanara's weapons become enveloped with rapidly moving water, and then he charges to the enemy and attacks with great water fury.

Class SkillsEdit

Cold WaterEdit

Increases Ice rate by 25%. Unlocked at level 13. Upgrade by freezing enemies. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Freezing Water.

Freezing WaterEdit

Increases Ice rate by a further 50%. Upgrade by freezing enemies. Fully upgrading this skill will unlock Icy Water.

Icy WaterEdit

Increases Ice rate by a further 75%. Upgrade by freezing enemies. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Strong Scales.

Strong ScalesEdit

Gives 100% resistance to Fire & Ice. Upgrade by enduring fire and ice element attacks. Fully upgrading this skills gives you a welcome bonus which is 0.5x attack speed and 50% bonus to attack power.

Set SkillsEdit

Oceanara originally equips 2 Set Skills. At level 20 he can equip another set skill, for a total of 3 Set Skills.

Tearing TeethEdit

Attack power doubles when Uberhero's health is at 50%. Unlocked at level 13.

Hunting InstinctEdit

Increases attack and movement speed during Fever. Unlocked at level 17.

Rapid WaterEdit

Increases attack speed by 0.5x, but reduces attack power by 10%. Unlocked at level 25.

Peerless SharkEdit

Inflicts sudden death with critical damage on a frozen non-boss enemy with 30% or below HP. Unlocked at level 32.