Ninja Type Class Patapons Edit

The Ninja Type Classes are Special And They are Limited To use in The Whole Patapon Army

Kenjipon Edit


The Heavy Shuriken Type Ninja Class,You Can Only Equip them with Shurikens and you can have two of them in your army and they are the Great Asset of the whole army because of there Shadow Strike Ability Shuriken Attack, You can only Activate this Ability when you press Chaka Chaka Pata Pon in Fever mode.

Chunipon Edit


Kunai Type Ninja Class, You can only Equip them with Headbands and Kunai or Daggers and You Can Have Five of Them in your army and they are Good at Poisoning Enemies By Using there Viper shot Ability,You can Activate this Ability by Combining Pon Pon Pata with Don Don Chaka.

Jonipon Edit

The Katana Type Ninja Class,You can only Equip them with Blades,Greathelms and Kunais and You Can only Three in your Army They are good on Dealing Critical Damage on Enemys but they don't Have A Special Ability.


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