Where it starts fromEdit

the story takes place after patapon 3,But a different time space than in the other patapon 3.

the storyEdit

Sasoonraipea-he weilds a ancient pocket watch which he found in his pocket during a time shift.He controls time and can summon dinosaurs and ancient patapons to aid hm in battle

harnga-saen-yo-He is a kumiho,a nine tailed beast,which he uses his powers from the moon god.He can summon the light from the moon and strike terrifying beams to his enemies.

Alice Magictroid-She uses her dolls to fight by herside.Although she is quite weak,she is quick and sneaky,and her immense determination would overcome the challenges she faces.

Faustet-a greek god that was expelled from the cloud kingdom,he nows seeks revenge against them and joins the new heroes in hopes of getting his revenge.He has lightning spears that hover around him and pierce his enemies!

Code slicer--a ancient robot that has awaken after the two golems dogaeen and gaeen.she can summon spears and other types of weapons to spear and slice her opponents.She is the descendant of  Alice Magictroid and inherits her puppetry skills.She joins the heroes in hope of finding the true meaning of life.

Xing chang-a chinese patapon from the far east!she uses cleavers and chinese foods like xiao long baos to heal and fight.She is fast but slow.and powerful.She is regarded as the legendary patapons.

Ranshohter:a patapon who descended from a legendary warrior.he has the best shooting skills and can summon all types of machinery.

Hatesoupwr;Ranshohter's sister.She is bayonetta's companion and uses egyptian monsters and myths to fight and summonS her dead descendants to fight.


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