Mini (ちいさい, Chiisai) is the youngest known Kurokon. She is an ally of the Patapons and she doesn't like
Minikon 2


her own tribe, the Kurokon Tribe, much. Halfprism is her elder sister.


Mini isn't a fan of fighting but she's very smart. Just like Meden and Silver Hoshipon, she gives the Patapons tips about their missions. Unlike the other Kurokons, Mini spots a lighter tone of violet for her color. Her horns are also altered.


"Umm... Mr. Yumiyacha, can you please check on my sister, Halfprism? I think she's at the Dodonga Ruins..."

-Mini to Yumiyacha, asking him to check on her sister.

Mini can be quite a worrywart, especially when it comes to her sister. She worries about her such that sometimes, she asks Yarida, Taterazay or Yumiyacha to find her and check if she's okay. Often, Halfprism is. This may be due to the fact that she thinks Halfprism always gets in trouble, which is true.

Either way, Mini is an active Kurokon, she likes playing with Hatapon, which she considers as her brother.


  • Mini thinks that Yarida, Taterazay and Yumiyacha's weapons are cool. She stole them once to adore them.
  • Mini, unlike her sister, hates confections. She prefers healtier foods.
  • Even if Mini is small and seems helpless, she's actually quite a good fighter.

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