"Few who utilize to protect the legends hidden for duels realize inside were once used to contain the flame spirit of the Underworld. Its rooms were used to bring visitors to safety and comfort."
 Area Description 

Known as Enki no Meikyū (エンキの迷宮) in Japanese is the next location in Kamella Patapon 5: Attack of the Golden Fire, and Patapon 7: Ravenous (known as Ultimate Dungeon). It has up to 4 missions and 3 missions:

  • Note: Depending on the wind's color indicates status effects.

Kamella Patapon 5: Attack of the Golden FireEdit

  • Acchichi the Patapon
  • Nonoki's Attack
  • Forudo's Extinction


  • Sixth Battle With Ravenous (Dungeon/Once)
  • Ragewolf's Great Anger (Dungeon/Free)
  • Traps of Darkness (Multi)

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