Kyuubi Fenrir Edit

The Kyuubi Fenrir, or simply Kyuubi, is a boss in Patapon: Dawn of Darkness. It is found in the Ketyuki Wasteland

Appearance Edit

The Kyuubi Fenrir is a combination of a nine-tails fox and an orange Fenrir. As the name implies, it appears as a wolf-like entity with nine fox-like tails, though it is slightly larger than a normal Fenrir.

Personality Edit

This creature possess great intelligence, and it is able to stand up on its hind legs. It has used a Patapon to lure a hungry Cyclops near it, eventually eating the Cyclops and the Patapon in the process. But it is also a selfish beast that only cares about its well-being.

Abilities and Powers Edit

The Kyuubi Fenrir has attacks that is particulary dangerous because of its quick strikes and short intervals between attacks.

Claw SwipeEdit

The Kyuubi jumps back, howls, and rushes toward the Patapons and swipes at them. Deals moderate-major damage. Avoid this attack by using PonPata.

Earthquake Pillar SmashEdit

The Kyuubi puts its front legs behind its back, and smashes them into the ground with massive force, causing an earthquake, dealing Stagger but minimal damage. At that moment, three earth pillars will sprout out of the ground, hitting Patapons in range and send them flying. This attack deals major-fatal damage, and you must use DonDon before the Kyuubi smashes to evade.

Ninetails BarrageEdit

The Kyuubi growls, and uses its nine tails to smash any nearby Patapons. Be careful, as this attack can target 9 Patapons at once. Deals moderate-major damage. Sometimes, the Kyuubi will attack one Patapon with all 9 tails, instantly killing it. This attack can only be avoided by PonPata.


The Kyuubi pulls its head back, and suddenly chomps at a Patapon within range, killing it. The Kyuubi regains 10% of its HP per devoured Patapon, so try not to succumb to this attack by using PonPata!

Humanoid FormEdit

When its HP is at half, the Kyuubi stands up on its hind legs and continue the battle. It attacks without warning in this form and its movements are hard to predict. It can also promply step on Patapons next to it. Its attack range also increases.


The Fenrir simply stomps on a nearby Patapon, crushing it. This deals moderate damage and staggers the unlucky victim, making it vulnerable to further attacks. Can be avoided by DonDon or PonPata.


  • The Kyuubi Fenrir is based on the Kyuubi of Japanese legends and tales, which is also referred as 'kitsune'