" You ask me to help you... But my answer is no"

    -Kyouko to the Archfiend of Purity

Kyouko (京子, Kyōko) is an Uberhero that is immune to Freeze and Sleep but is very vulnerable to Fire and Lightning. She is the Uberhero of the Ogamapons. Her Hero Mode attack is "Exploding Scythe" where Kyouko throws her scythe at the enemy and the scythe explodes on contact.Edit


Species: Patapon

Body colors: Black, light Blue

Gender: Female

Allies: Patapon Tribe, Zigoton Tribe

Enemies: Zigoton Tribe (formerly), Karmen Tribe, Akumapon, Bondeth, Dark Heroes (Specifically Naughtyfins), Seven Archfiends

First Appearance: Patapon


"Umm... Hello... i am Kyouko...'"

  -Kyouko's first meeting with Almighty

Kyouko is shy, kind, weak and innocent when the player first meets her but as time passes, she seems to become meaner and slightly heartless towards enemies. Kyouko can sometimes be a little wierd at some points; one time was not eating while a feast was held. Despite being heartless at times, the army can always count on her when in need (for example: when the Patapons were facing the Dodonga, they asked help from Kyouko to defeat him in Patapon). She is also brave and courageous and is willing enough to sacrifice herself for the good of others; as seen when she sacrificed herself to save the four Patapons (Ton, Chin, Kan and Hatapon) and Uberhero from the Archfiend of Justice's trap.


She is the first and only female Uberhero

She tends to use a "❤" symbol on her dialogue when talking to others

She is mostly seen with Hatapon and Hero (in Patapon 3, She is mostly seen with Uberhero)

She tends to call Meden "Mother Meden" since she sees Meden as a motherly figure to her

She is the smallest and youngest Patapon

She seems to have a crush on Uberhero and easily gets jealous (as seen when she growled once Naughtyfins hugged Uberhero)

She has 2 beads on top of her "Head" that look like small versions of her eye

She is very protective

She has longer limbs than most Patapons, giving her a more feminine look

She became an Uberhero after sacrificing herself to protect Ton, Chin, Kan, Hatapon and Uberhero while fighting the Archfiend of Justice

She can speak to Almighty (player)

She was not petrified like Hatapon on the day that all the Patapons were petrified 

Her mask as an Uberhero is Blue (like Yarida's)

She did not lose her memory once she became an Uberhero

She tends to talk so much that it puts other Patapons to sleep

She says "BOOM!" when in Hero mode

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