The Kurokon Tribe is a tribe that lies in the far south. They have a dark purple tint and they have two sets of horns. They are considered as enemies by the Patapons. Kuro means 'dark' in Japanese.
Kurokon 2



The Kurokons specialize in their attack and their defenses are quite low. They also fancy poison-infused weapons to use.

They have a special class called Nokogiripon.


Their leader is a Nokogiripon who they came to know by the name Halfprism. They found her as a child wherever and decided to take care of her.

The Kurokons are very wary of the ones Halfprism talks to or hangs out with, sometimes spying on her to check if she's alright. They love her very much and respect her more than anyone else.

Halfprism usually makes them do useless stuff for her own amusement. An example is when she asked them to bring her Hatapon because she wanted a playmate.

The Kurokons are jealous of the Patapons, reasons are because Halfprism likes them better and thinks they're cuter. Also because they have a fellow Kurokon who became allies with them, Mini.

Orders From The Leader

Halfprism asking the Kurokons to kidnap Hatapon...

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