Kamella Patapon is a rare spin - off special collaboration between the Patapon series, and the Kamella Dreamland Adventure series, as well as having the same number of sequels (later Kamella Dreamland was paused and the Patapon series with be ahead of the sequels). It features the Patapons and the main characters of Kamella Dreamland Adventure.


Java, the new living Mighty Patapon comes to help the Patapons, with the War Drums. These drums aren't the same as the Patapon series. It is used by several characters from another dimension, thus, giving power to the Patapon tribe, and monsters are befriended by the tribes. She learns how to use them, with the help of these new friends, while facing danger with the Patapons.


Like the Patapon series, it makes use of the War Drums to create rhythm to the Patapons, commanding them. Its new features were the Sound Streak. When the player creates perfect rhythms, the meter increases, thus, increasing the ability of the Patapons. When the player unlocks new characters, the voice behind the sounds changes. There are four known Sound Streaks: The Pata Streak, the Pon Streak, the Don Streak, and the Chaka Streak. In Kamella Patapon 3, the Chaka Streak changes to Fire Chaka Streak, when it reaches Fever Mode, making it the first powerful streak.


  • The default character for the Don drum is Poppy, hence her color is yellow.
  • This series reveal Defeat's most liked instrument, which is the Chaka Drum.
    • The Fire Chaka Streak makes use of Defeat's Fire Power, increasing the attack and defense of the Patapons. This is not available until the third sequel.
  • Java has interests being a Yaripon. She mainly likes her hairstyle (which her hair is tied upwards).
  • Its confirmed in the third sequel, Defeat's death will occur, and the fusion of Java and Hinoki.
    • The third and fourth sequels reveal Defeat's spirit energies; the Elixir of Eternal Life, the Legend energy, and the menacing Gold Fire energy.
      • The Gold Fire spirit energy is the most powerful, yet the most feared among the tribes, for it can bring pure flame. The golden Ravenous contains it.
      • The Elixir of Eternal Life was cursed by Defeat's greed, and was the cause of the possession of a Uberhero.
    • Defeat becomes mentioned and absent in the Kamella Patapon series and is replaced by Ravenous, starting from Kamella Patapon 3 to the rest of the sequels.
    • Takako is born when Java's and Hinoki's souls are fused.



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