"This ancient fiend from the past once arose to conquer the universe but was defeated and banished to the underworld. The volcanic vents are linked to the darkest realms deep in the underworld ".
  — Area Description 

Kachuka Fiery Ruins (Defensive Fort in Patapon 7: Ravenous) is the twenty - fourth location in Kamella Patapon 5, and the eleventh in Patapon 7: Ravenous. In Patapon 7's spin - off, its the fifth location where the player encounters Ravenous.

Regular (Kamella Patapon 5: Attack of the Golden Fire)Edit

  • Makochichi the Feathered Patapon (Once)
  • Hyumitto the Gluttonous Fish (Once)
  • Burning Than Flames (Free)
  • Hyumitto's Revenge (Free)


  • Fifth Battle With Ravenous (Dungeon/Once)
  • Tardy Snailslime Attempts To Fight (Dungeon/Free)
  • Pool of Lava (Multi)

DLC MissionsEdit

  • (Multi) The Golden Mask's Revenge


  • This is the opposite location of snowy locations, and arguably the second dangerous location where flame - resistance is required.
  • Zutta, the Golden Mask becomes a special enemy.
  • In the fifth sequel, Hyumitto exacts revenge by freezing the entire lava.

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