Practitioners of the gentle healing arts and attack magic for the Dark Hero of Greed. The more you use her, the more powerful her magic becomes.
  — In-game description. 

Insatiable Razortooth (AKA Charybdis) is the fourth Hero of Vengeance seen first in Patapon 7: Ravenous, and is one of Takako's friends in the Kamella Patapon series. Like Ragewolf and Covet - Hiss, she represents Wrath and Envy. Her second mask was given by Ravenous.


She is affiliated to others as Charybdis and represents the Deadly Sins of Envy and Lust. Razortooth is incredibly promiscuous throughout the game; she is often seen swaying and often makes other comments; at one point she even implies she wants to reunite with her friends. In other chances, she rages in jealousy towards Kan, and attempts to freeze him in pure ice. She rages at both Ragewolf and Covet - Hiss for giving up their power, only when Slogturtle proved its for the better.


  • Scepters
  • Staffs
  • Clubs (Upon unlocking)
  • Shoes

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON - Attacks with weapon
  • CHAKA CHAKA - Defends with scepter
  • PON CHAKA~PON PON - Activates Uberhero mode.

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero Mode: Freeze FlameEdit

Freezes enemies and inflicts damage. 45% chance of applying status effects depending on the scepter equipped. 

Class SkillsEdit

Original Class SkillsEdit

  • Ice WallDoing a charged attack creates a wall of ice to defend all party members from enemy attacks. It can only sustain a minimal amount of damage. Up to seven walls can be made. Upgrade this skill by using charged attacks. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Freeze Trap.
  • Freeze Trap - Superior skill to Ice Wall. Ice Walls explode if they have reached their limit of sustaining damage which deals damage to enemies near the explosion. Is unlocked by fully upgrading Ice Wall. Upgrade this skill by using charged attacks. Fully upgrading this skill unlocks Cold Attack.
  • Cold Attack - Superior skill to Freeze Trap. All attacks deal damage. 42% chance of status effects depending on the scepter equipped.

Set SkillsEdit

  • Magic Attack - Boosts by 25% when equipped with scepter of staff.
  • Status Effect Attack - This multiplies the chance of the user inflicting status effects on an opponent by 1.50.
  • Freeze Attack - This multiplies the chance of the user freezing an opponent by 1.25.
  • Peerless Penguin - Doubles freeze resistance.


  • Razortooth's mask resembles a lionfish, and a penguin.
  • Charybdis is the first character to have a mask merged with the other. The second will be Sublime.

See AlsoEdit

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