Charybdis, (AKA Inosen the Pingrek), is one of Takako's friends. In the fifth sequel of Kamella Patapon, she is exposed from a different persona. She is affiliated with others and represents the virtue of Justice and Valor.


Inosen is affiliated with others, but under the persona of Charybdis. She was the advanced Pingrek of ancient times, when her innocence (despite her name) leveled her sincerity, and to reflect, she is a complex. In the fifth sequel of Patapon and Patapon 7: Ravenous, she, (who later became the Hero known as Insatiable Razortooth), summoned Ravenous to exact revenge on the Patapons. She represents the virtue of Justice and Valor and, to reflect this, claims to be better like all of the others and protects her friends.

She was formerly the Archfiend of Justice and the Archfiend of Valor, against her will. She was also the first friend Takako befriended, then other Uberheroes were befriended. She shows jealousy to enemies and others as Charybdis, but she still goes well with her friends.

Inosen has probably mastered all magic weapons, as she is seen wielding all types of Scepters with attacks.


  • Inosen sometimes goes against her will to defend others as the Archfiend of Justice and Valor.
    • Despite being innocent and forgiving, she goes over that, and lives a life with others.
  • She is one of the characters who are hiding their real selves and only exposing their persona. The first was Purity, her persona as Pandora, the second Justi, his persona as Sora, the fourth Yarida, his persona as Feisu, the fifth Hyumitto, her persona as Gilda, the sixth Forudo, her persona as Echidna, and the seventh Libera, her persona exposed as Kasumi the Alosson.
    • Hyumitto, the Archfiend of Restraint may be defeated by Takako, while the others' Archfiend personas are purged.
    • Valo is exposed as Defeat the Destrobo, the fact he's blinded with Pride, Wrath and cosumed by Greed.

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