Halfprism (ゆリズム, Yurisimu) is a Dark Hero. She wears a triangular hat and her weapon of choice are saws. She's much shorter than the other Dark Heroes and she has a little sister named Mini.

Found and raised by the Kurokons, they consider her as their tribe leader and addresses her very highly.


Halfprism can either attack in short or medium range. She is a female Nokogiripon who is very vunerable to sleep and her colors change depending on her liking. By default, it is a very light tone of blue.

In Dark Hero mode, she spins her weapon, the Crystal Emblem, and jumps to boomerang it to the enemy. The hit creates a massive explosion.


"Whaaat?! Ragewolf, you stinky dog, don't you dare call me that!"

-Halfprism to Ragewolf when he called her 'short stack', making her hit him with her saw.
Short Stack

Halfprism trying to join in with the other Dark Heroes and Ragewolf calling her 'short stack'.

Halfprism is very playful and childish. She claims that she has no enemies. Most of the Patapons don't know about her being a Dark Hero, thus considering her to be an ally. She also calls the Patapons 'march-drummers' and thinks that they're adorable.

Even so, she sometimes sabotages the Patapon's missions for what she calls 'fun'. Despite her psyche, she also helps the Patapons when they really are in need.

Halfprism is easy to amuse and acts quite stubborn to the ones she likes.

Since she's the only Nokogiripon left, Ravenous considers her as a rare item and wants her for his collection. Sonarchy thinks it's stupid and always stops him in his plans.

Covethiss takes quite a liking for Halfprism, such that he wants to adopt her as Sonarchy's new sibling as the princess of the bare Ah-ooh dynasty because he claims that she's 'super cute and adorable'. Halfprism doesn't completely disagree with it but she says that she already has her own kingdom (the Kurokons). Either way, Covethiss is still persistent in getting her to join with his family.

Halfprism usually bosses around her tribe, the Kurokons and adresses to them as 'minions'. She makes them do useless stuff for her own amusement. An example is when she asked them to kidnap Hatapon so she could have a playmate.


  • Halfprism sometimes considers inanimate objects to be friends.
  • She claims that her and Naughtyfins are close like sisters.
  • She is lazy and laidback, not wanting too much work for no good purpose.
  • Despite their fights, Halfprism actually likes Ragewolf (as a buddy). As for she had a childhood friend that bears quite a resemblance to him. But to Halfprism's knowledge, she thinks he's dead.
  • Halfprism likes sweet foods and cute things.
  • Halfprims wants to hug all the heroes, dark and uber, and she has a checklist for it.
  • She's good at singing and playing the flute but she doesn't like dancing.