"This Uberhero may not be the attacking type, but you can rely on him when it comes to defense and support!"
  — Description 
Extrudum is an Uberhero that appaers in Patapon: Dawn of Darkness . He is a very peculiar Uberhero, since he equips gems as a shield and as support.


Extrudum can be unlocked with a Lv 3 Taterazay and a Lv 3 Tondenga.

Support ModeEdit

Uberhero Mode: RefreshEdit

Extrudum uses his gem to give his allies full resistance to status effects and a 50% increase in damage and defense. However, Extrudum becomes immobile and cannot attack.

How to ActivateEdit


Uberhero Mode (support) combo: CHAKA-CHAKA-PATA-PON

Class SkillsEdit

Healing AuraEdit

Extrudum releases a healing aura that heals 2% of the team's health every second. Level up by going through lots of Fever.

Healing Aura 2Edit

Healing aura heals 6% of team's health every second. Superior to Healing Aura.

Healing Aura 3Edit

Healing Aura heals 11% of team's heath every 0.5 seconds. Superior to Healing Aura 2.

Healing Aura 4Edit

Healing Aura heals 16% of team's health every 0.3 seconds. Superior to Healing Aura 3.

Healing DomeEdit

Healing Aura turns into a shield that blocks 25% damage and heals 25% of team's health every 0.2 seconds. Welcome bonus: +10% in Extrudum's defense.

Set SkillsEdit

Refined GemEdit

Extrudum's Healing Aura effectivity increases by 5%. Unlocked at Lv 7.

Healing RainEdit

Extrudum summons rain that heals 3% of team's health every 2.5 seconds. Unlocked at Lv 13.

Status BlockerEdit

Extrudum gains 25% resistance in all status effects during Fever. Unlocked at Lv 17.

Gem MasterEdit

Defense: +100%

Movement Speed: +2.00

Fire and Ice resistance: +100%

These are doubled in Extrudum. Unlocked at Lv 25.

Peerless GemEdit

Extrudum releases an aura that nullifies criticals, stagger, and knockback. Also affects team. Unlocked at Lv 32.

Shield ModeEdit

Uberhero Mode: Protective DomeEdit

Extrudum summons a dome that nullifies all physical attacks and blocks 50% damage from magic attacks.

How to ActivateEdit

Uberhero Mode (shield) : CHAKA-CHAKA-PATA-PON

Uberhero mode (shield) combo: CHAKA-CHAKA-PATA-PON

Class SkillsEdit

Refiend ShieldEdit

Uberhero Mode effectivity increases by 10%. Improve by going to Uberhero Mode.

Refined Shield 2Edit

Uberhero Mode effectivity doubles. Superior to Refined Shield.

Refined Shield 3Edit

Uberhero Mode effectivity increases by 50%. Superior to Refined Shield 2.

Magic DomeEdit

Blocking against magic attacks increases by 20%. Improve by resisting magic attacks.

Set SkillsEdit

Similar to Extrudum (support)'s Set Skills.

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