Tentakupon standing with his mecha-tentacles.

"At the Byrun Snowfields, reside a Patapon with high intellect. Sadly, he betrayed the Patapons for power to Bababaan and Akumapons. Defeat Tentakupon to get high quality metal (Adamanman is here)!"

Tentakupon is a boss in a Patapon game.


Tentakupon is a classic Patapon. With 4 metal tentacles on his back, making him tough enough to face anything.


He has 5 abilities:

Tentacle Slap: Raises his upper tentacles and slap a Patapon does minor damage but pushback is high. Evade PonPata ONLY!!!

Stomping Tentacles: He'll charge and walks hard with his tentacles stomping any Patapon, does moderate damage but high critical 200 damage. Unavoidable defend with ChakaChaka.

Rip Apart: Stands with his bottom tentacles. Upper tentacles will start open-closing their pincher and grabs 2 Patapon and rips them to two. Avoid PonPata ONLY!

Train Crash: Let's out a remote while saying, "Take on an express, eyeballs!" and a train shows up. This is deadly effective againts Hatapon so evade with DonDon ONLY!

Reactor Creator: Once he's health goes to 23%, he'll create a reactor. The reactor shoots 6-15 lightning. After that. Tentakupon repairs the reactor, leaving him open to attack. Unavoidable so use ChakaChaka.

Patapon 2Edit

In Patapon 2, while you were seeing the Mater grows, Tentakupon escapes to Obelisk to the snowfields.


Tentakupon fighting Tatepon

A little doodle about Tentakupon vs a Tatepon in "Empty Field of Blue".

-He is the same as Doc Ock from Spiderman 2

-If you beat him with fire, he'll drop 496 ka-chings and 2 Adamanmans

-He is like the patapon wikia Centura while walking. But have ice effects

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