Mother Monster

Echidna a

Boss Type

Serpentine Queen


High~Very High


Heavy~Very Heavy



Status Effect(s)

Poison, Hypnotize, Sleep, Leech, Burn


Fire, Stab, Light


  • Fury Of Mother Monster

Other Boss(es) in Relation

  • The Fame Echidna, Bloody Mary, Scylla

"An ancient serpent-like girl who had the upper torso and beauty of a goddess with a lower body of 2 snakes. Defeat her to obtain the best quality Fang!"
  — Misson Description 


A terrifying serpentine female which has 2 snake tails with a stinger on each end. Said in ancient Karmen legends to have the beauty of a goddess with the body of 2 snakes combined. Since then, her hair became snakes aswell with her upper torso still slightly humanoid.

In the Kamella Patapon series, from the fourth sequel until the rest, Echidna is a Piekron refusing to fall on the Archfiend of Adamance's power. She is also a deuteragonist and one of Takako's friends. She wields a flame shield and spear (because the ice lance and shield are wielded by Purity). While discovering who the Patapon of the Snow Fields is, she shows intelligence and diligence. She is exposed as Forudo, the Archfiend of Adamance, but purified as well.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

Many attacks of Echidna can be very hard to perceive due to most of them involve the movement of her two or one tails

Tail StabEdit

-Her right tail shivers quickly while aiming at the Patapons. A beat later, she stabs the Patapons at almost sonic speed. Cannot be avoided with PonPata and negates the effect of ChakaChaka so avoid with DonDonChakaChaka.

Acid StormEdit

-Her left tail shivers quickly while aiming at the Patapons. A beat later, she spits poison everywhere in a rain-like fashion. Causes poison and burn most likely due to the acidity of the poison. Can be partly avoided with DonChaka to remove the potentially deadly status effects.

Claw SwipeEdit

-Aims both tails at the Patapons. A beat later, she will slash the Patapons from above making it unavoidable through DonDon but only PonPata. Causes poison and burn aswell.

Snake TrainEdit

- Echidna rears up with her fangs bared and ready. A beat later, she will charge at the Patapons like a train and once she reaches the end she will tunnel back to her original position. This will consume all Patapons that were caught in the charge.

Leechy DevilEdit

- She grabs her snake-hair while hissing and her Left tail shivering very slowly while her Right tail shivering very quickly at the Patapons. 2 beats later, she will launch all of her snake-hair at the Patapons that will hit even if you used PonPata and DonDon. The only way to defend from this is PonChaka then ChakaChaka.

Fury Of Mother MonsterEdit

(BERSERK ONLY) - Echidna will slither away from the Patapons before all of her scales rise up and her eyes turn into a deep crimson. 2 beats later, she will charge at the Patapons while spraying poison and acid everywhere infront of her with her fangs bared. This move also is Extremely deadly and can cause one-hit KO without proper equipment. Cannot be avoided so use PonChaka then ChakaChaka and hope for you to survive

Berserk ModeEdit

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