Carantura prepares to charge.

"In the deep forest of ChakaTolis, resides a giant creature unimaginable to Patapons. Defeat the Carantura to get the highest quality fangs!"

Carantura is a boss monster in Patapon: Negative Patapons


The Carantura has 4 oval like things sticking out of his body and some 8 legs and a tail. His body is made out of thick smoke. 


He has 4 abilities:

Stinging Tail: Uses his tail and stings a Patapon, doing poison effect. Use PonPata ONLY!

Leg Swat: Swings his legs and push backs 2 or more Patapons upon contact. Use PonPata ONLY!

Charge: With a poison gas as a jet boost, Carantura launches hard to any Patapon at sight. Use DonDon or ChakaChaka.

Poison Skewer Head: Stabs his head and cold smoke comes out. Slowly turning to poison liquid. Undodgeable so defend with ChakaChaka.


Like the Darririchin , the Carantura likes to inhabit foggy areas where nobody crossed.


-You can't hit him with physical objects. Smoke based body can be dealt with a tailwind or headwind. Then use rain miracle and his HP will take damage 453 damage.

-When you beat him, use PonPata quickly cause he'll explode later after death.

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