Doruru (A.K.A Dorl) is a super powerful demon released by the ChakaDons to destroy those pesky, masked combining, square headed, Karmotons.



Doruru goruru
Doruru with blue fireball


Great demon/ beast


Extremely High

Damage resistance:



Sleep, poison, fire

Signature moves:

Spike rush, Blue fireball

Monsters in relation:




Dorl has a bright coloured red tainted version of Goruru. He has some from Goruru 's appearance, but with a tongue sticking out of his dragon mouth when weakened.


  • The Damned, Doruru- Dorl is fought as the last and hardest boss (then you can control it as a ChakaDon).
  • Foul Masked Tribe, Karmotons- you can control Dorl to fight the fort.

Dragon attacksEdit

He has 3 abilities:

  • Blue fireball- increases an energy ball that explodes quickly after reaching solid objects. DonDon is needed most!
  • Lightning strike- Raises both arms with his tongue sticking out and causes clouds to gather and summon lightning and highly flammable. PonPata is required!
  • Tongue snake- sticks its tongue out, hovers for 2 songs then snatches a Patapon (like a Smoker from L4D-L4D2). Avoid PonPata cause DonDon can still be reacheable.
  • Beast Transform- Once the damage is enough he will reach the skies and fall. However, unlike Gorl and Garl, Dorl's transformation is fast. Be warned.
    Doruru goruru

    Doruru with blue fireball

Beast AttacksEdit

He has 3 attacks,

  • Scattering Saps- Dorl crouches with his wings shaking, then shoots 6-8 saps that poisons any Patapons. PonPata here!
  • Spike Rush- Dorl flies back far, snarls, and charged towards the army. Fatal-death damage can occur and PonPata is needed cause the small 'thorns' on his head can strecht and cause sleep effect and it's very tall.
  • Dark Blast- Dorl hovers in the air and charging an immense laser that can cause instant kill. In any circumstances, do NOT use PonPata since he will follow you and when done, your armies will 'slide' through the laser, killing them and Hatapon quickly. Use a Tatepon hero or just defend.
  • Dorl Gatling rush

    Spike Rush

    Dragon Transformation
    - He will instanly bends down and transforms VERY slowly to his dragon form. Use this opportunity to hit him couple of times cause he can be like that for 6 songs.

3rd FormEdit

When his HP is low, Dorl will turn both of his forms up. His horn will turn straight. Combining attacks. This will only occur in lv.90+. After the Gyorogyoro's theme, upon reaching this form, the theme will reset to Hey Whazzat theme.

NOTE: Use a debug cheat 'sword of the late tatepon' and other weapons cause this form is in the verge of 'Unbeatable' Rank!

3rd Form


  • DettanKarmen can prove to be a formidable creature, but Dorl just killed him like in 4 seconds.
  • Karmotons has their own weaker version, Zaruru/Zarl.

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