Humanoid like Patapon, Gninrael.

Gninrael or simply Rafael, is a Patapon who sold his soul for ultimate power.


He wears black cloth and robe, 4 legs/pinchers like Beetleton or Kuwagattan. Floats in the air and carries his darkness fused scythe.

Mood and TacticsEdit

He likes to smile all the time. However, fighting means serious business. He can interact with his scythe and can throw some x shurikens and his scythe. He is difficult but there's little tactics that might help.

Use Yaripons and TateDONS to attack. He's weak againts knockback so use this to your advantage.


His true method is to find Meden to lift his curse away. Meden refuses and Gninrael sadly, perishes to dust.


The ChakaDons and Gninrael have lots of relationships. He was the ChakaDons' leader before Dead Eye took over. However, knowing they betrayed him he targets both tribes including the Akumapons.


-The first Patapon to have 2 eyes and a humanoid shape.

-If you use stagger effects instead of knockback he will fell to the ground and will drop from the sky doing 2784 damage (glitch).

-If you pursuit him PataPata, he'll slash you but the damage is taken to him.

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