"Shut up..."

-Catrina before slapping Ravenous

Clawford Catrina is the dark hero of the Archfiend of Sins.



-Catrina to the Archfiend Of Sins

Catrina is playful and mysterious. She also represents ALL the sins of the world (despite the fact that she is the dark hero of the archfiend of sins)


Catrina is a young dark hero with a black and red cat hood and red eyes. Her right hand is replaced by a certain weapon which she calls "the right hand". This weapon enables her to use any kind of weapon in the Patapon universe.

Special AttackEdit

Catrina doesn't have a specific Special Attack. It usually depends on what type of weapon she will use in battle. Most of the time, she would use a scythe and sometimes, claws.


  • Catrina throughout the Kamella Patapon series was replaced by Ravenous, who will control the deadly sins (revealed in one episode of the third sequel). She is instead a minor character.

The most noticable sins that Catrina has are Wrath, Pride and Gluttony

She is a cat (the name... Check the name....)

Clawford Catrina, Kyouko and The Archfiend of Sins have only one creator: BelladonnaVonChrist. To learn moar about Catrina, visit BelladonnaVonChrist's deviantART page

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