ChakaTolis, parallel version of Patapolis.

"In the deepest area of the mirror, resides a place with lots of tents and altar and Metar, The Tree of Death. Is is Patapolis? No! It's ChakaTolis!"

-Game description

ChakaTolis is the hideout of the ChakaDons in Patapon: Negative Patapons.


It is just the same as Patapolis but the Metar, Tree of Death in there, is not shown.


Location: Mirror

Belongs to: ChakaDons

Population: 200.000


There are several buildings in ChakaTolis.

5 tents: The 5 tents are used to train troops. There are different colors of the tents like red and blue.

Ebilosk: Like the Obelisk, it is used to travel to certain areas.

Sukodon Tower: In the right side, there's a tower with Sukodon watching the stars to see if anything is wrong.

Purple-Black-Red Castle: The place where Dead Eye and Gninrael lives. It creates troops and equips them with powerful weapons.


  • In the picture, you can see a Yaridon. That is before the 'creature' attacks them.
  • The Tatedon statue can actually be alive and battles opponents upon contact.
  • Sukodon also spies at the enemies.
  • In the Ebilosk, Dead Eye is seen hanging around without his tentacles.
  • The sky is ALWAYS dark red.
  • If any tribe attacks them, they will find them and terminate them even if it takes forever to find them.
  • Even though they are actually Demon Patapons, they hate the Akumapons.
  • Tatedons in ChakaTolis are rare to see.

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